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March Check-in

About a month has gone past since the last time I checked myself. This last month has been a little more tough than the previous two. I have had some struggles maintaining a positive outlook, and keeping on track. Let’s look at them…

Lose 50 pounds
I think I’m doing ok here. I weigh myself many times throughout the day, and it gives me a good idea of what my weight fluctuations are throughout the day. I have a 5 pound range, which is about average. When I first started this, I was maintaining my weight in the 195-200 range, and had been for a good 2 years. My goal is to get to 145-150 range, and the half way will be 170-175. In my last post I was down to 181-186 range, and 181 was the lowest I had seen in years. My range is now down to 179-184, which is pretty fucking exciting! I haven’t seen 17x on a scale in I don’t know how long.  I’ve started buying new workout clothes, since it’s hard to run when your pants are falling off, but I’m going to wait on getting anything else new for now.

Eat Healthier
I’m not doing so great at this one lately. I’ve been falling off the meal planning wagon, and I need to get on it again. Doing the meal plan and calorie tracking has given me a good idea of what I can and can’t eat, but I think I could lose faster if I get better at keeping track, and planning. I will start again today…maybe tomorrow.

Stop Drinking Alcohol
I am not having any issues with this one, currently at 81 alcohol free days, all in a row! I’m feeling a different kind of issue here, which is socialization. Last check in, I wasn’t seeing it yet, but I definitely am now. I am getting more and more socially awkward. I’m first to leave a party, I’m not hanging out with people when the only plan is drinking, and when I am hanging out with anyone, I have no idea what to do or say. I don’t know what to do to fix it, it’s like the further I get away from alcohol, the more of an introvert I become.

Exercise More
Doing pretty well here. I’m at 6 miles on my weekend long runs, and 4 on my weekday runs. This weekend I’m going to tune up my bike, and train for the 30 mile ride I’m doing a week later. Since I haven’t been  bike training at all, I’m nervous for it. My body is stronger from running so I’m hoping that will help me with this.

Get more serious about my career
Medium feelings here. I don’t really want to go into it right now.

Work on my focus issues
I’m doing a good job on focusing on some things, but not others. So I think this goal is going ok, because I am making some effort, even if small.

Get additional training/certification
At my last check in, I said that I wanted to at least have a plan here, and I’m doing even better than that! I have started a few Project Management courses on a website I have access to through work (Lynda). I have also looked into certifications through Project Management Institute (PMI). Their certifications are a little on the pricey side, so I need to work with my HR to find out if they can be covered as part of tuition reimbursement. I don’t really want to pay for these certs, since it’ll take me off budget.

Get my finances together
Definitely feeling good about this one. I have been making edits to my monthly budget regularly, and I’m almost to what is the correct budget. My budget that I had previously was just my monthly recurring charges (rent, cellphone, student loan, etc), it didn’t include any incidentals like groceries, toiletries, transportation costs (Car2go, etc), entertainment, and more. I am now getting those budgets fleshed out, and being more stringent on them.

Additionally, I have almost all old debts paid off, and I’m paying double on my student loan repayment. I will have everything except student loans paid off by July/August, and the student loans paid off in 18-24 months. My credit score is slowly getting better, and that is really satisfying.

Curb unnecessary spending
I feel the same this month as I did last month on this one: I feel like I’ve needed the things I bought. However, I know this is not the case because I stopped paying attention to making my meal plan, so I’ve purchased delivery or eaten out a couple times when I didn’t need to. This is definitely something that I need to moderate more, and sticking to a meal plan will be super helpful.

I decided that paying off debts is more important than saving much more, and the cell phone I really want (its also out of stock anyway). I’m happy with the savings I have so far, and any OT that I get at work goes straight to savings. Once my debts – excluding student loan – are paid off, I will be making more effort here to get a good amount in that savings account.

This month was a little tougher for me in my eating healthier, but everything else feels on track. Until next time…


I Cried This Morning

First I stepped on the scale, and I’m down 15 pounds! Then I put on my favorite jeans, that are always tight in the waist, and I have inches of room!

When I look in a mirror, I can’t see any changes, although my friends tell me how great I look. Having these reference points just made me feel so good about what I’m doing, it was overwhelming. I always cry when my emotions are overwhelming, positive or negative. It’s been hard work, with constant battles against my willpower, but I’m doing it. I’m exercising more regularly than I ever have, I’m staying on track with my diet (I’ve added 2 cheat meals a week for sanity reasons), and I’m feeling really good while doing it.

I’m so grateful to have such a supportive network of friends. I can’t count the number of people that have told me they’re cheering me on, who’ve offered advice, support, and pride.

I’m getting closer and closer to my halfway goal. I’ve decided when I hit that goal I’m going to go out for dessert and wine pairing somewhere nice. I’m thinking Purple Cafe and Wine Bar. I would love to have friends join me, so let me know if you’re interested. It’ll probably be here soon! (At least, here’s to hoping)

Love you all 💜💗💙😚